Title First Author Abstract or summary Type
To survive and thrive: Resilience among New Brunswick francophone youths Monica Lavoie Conference Poster
Helping teens cope: Promoting self-esteem and school connectedness Michelle Flynn Conference Poster
Stop wondering, start knowing: A mental health video resource for schools Michelle Cianfrone Conference Poster
Youth participation and equipping communities to address self-harm Michelle Atkinson Conference Poster
Who should be responsible for supporting youth mental problems? Findings from a critical review literature Megan Pope Conference Poster
Tracking outcomes in a new transition-age youth mental health service in Canada Juliana Tobon Conference Poster
Commissioning for Quality and Innovation (CQUIN) as a framework for systemic collaboration to understand and develop mental health and wellbeing provision for young people John Stevens Conference Poster
Scaffolding the preadolescent at risk: A Jamaican DREAM a WORLD research on resilience promotion Jaswant Guzder Conference Poster
Refining the measurement of bullying behaviours in adolescents Hannah Thomas Conference Poster
Positive change and growth following a first episode of psychosis: A mixed studies review Gerald Jordan Conference Poster