Title First Author Abstract or summary Type
SchoolSpace: An online screening study to identify young people at risk of developing eating disorders Charlotte Connor Conference Poster
A longitudinal investigation of the relationship between filial self-efficacy, bullying and substance use Catherine Quinn Conference Poster
Are FEP services successful at engaging young immigrants in treatment? Clairélaine Ouellet-Plamondon Conference Poster
How to care for the homeless: Describing the existing treatments for the psychotic homeless young adults, a systematic literature review Virginie Dore Gauthier Conference Poster
"Making Healthy Change Happen": Youth perspectives on mental health promotion programming delivered in schools by public health experts Tamara Do Amaral Conference Poster
Youth Hans Kai: Strength-based approaches in resilience and recovery Stephanie Ens Conference Poster
Gilbert Park Going Places: Community engagement Stephanie Ens Conference Poster
Transitions: A mental health by stealth resource to help students navigate college & university life Stan Kutcher - Amy Mackay Conference Poster
Parents' and peers' responses to adolescent depression: The development of the Intentions to Provide Mental Health Support Scale Sadhbh Byrne Conference Poster
Can school-based mental health programmes reduce anxiety in children? Results from a UK randomised controlled trial evaluating the FRIENDS cognitive behaviour therapy programme Paul Stallard Conference Poster