Title First Author Abstract or summary Type
Putting technology into youth mental health practice: Current evidence Alice Montague Conference Poster
Early intervention: Building a shared understanding Vivienne Browne Conference Poster
Rates of crime victimisation in young people seeking help for mental health problems Rosemary Purcell Conference Poster
Youth partnerships in mental health research Magenta Simmons Conference Poster
Opinions regarding the stigma associated with labels for young people with an At Risk Mental State (ARMS) for psychosis Fritha Melville Conference Poster
Hitting the target: Aiming to translate research into policy David Baker Conference Poster
Borderline personality disorder in young people: Are we there yet? Andrew Chanen Conference Poster
What happens when 700 young leaders meet to transform mental health? Sarah Mughal Conference Poster
Professionals' perspectives on involving young people in technology-based mental health work Rebecca Randall Conference Poster
Youth empower youth: How schools, media and the community are impacting on mental health in youth populations Manish Dama Conference Poster