Title First Author Abstract or summary Type
Stigma reduction through peer outreach and support Zachary Lang Conference Presentations
Using a creative design process with young people to develop an appropriate and accessible youth mental health service: A design brief from an early-lab field trip Timothy Clarke Conference Presentations
Making emerging adults with mental health needs a priority in Canada: Examining national, provincial and regional perspectives Despina Papadopoulos Conference Presentations
Receptiveness to help-Sseeking influence: Implications for mental health help-seeking by youth Alexander Stretton Conference Presentations
Personality-targeted interventions for youth substance use and mental health problems: Preventative effects and youth subjective experiences Patricia Conrod Conference Presentations
Evaluating ACCESS, a large-scale youth mental health services transformation project in Canada Srividya Iyer Conference Presentations
iMATTER: Taking care of teen mental health Marisa Mariella Conference Presentations
Concurrent treatment for youth with mental health and addiction challenges: Presentation, outcomes, and lessons learned Rebeccah Marsh Conference Presentations
Eating disorders: My how they've changed! Howard Steiger Conference Presentations
Physical activity and depression in young people: Overview of the evidence and applying it in practice Alexandra Parker (presented by Rosie Purcell) Conference Presentations