Title First Author Abstract or summary Type
Person-centered approaches to informing youth mental health services in Ireland Nicholas Peiper Conference Presentations
Experiencing the process of clinical recovery from first-episode psychosis: What worked? Jone Bjornestad Conference Presentations
It's all in the reward: The influence of peer presence on risk-taking behaviour during young adulthood Renate Reniers Conference Presentations
Self-management of mental health problems in young people Dorien Nieman Conference Presentations
Exploring the impact of a history of foster care on youth enrolled in an intensive case management program in Vancouver from 2007 to 2013 Chris Richardson Conference Presentations
Evaluating the impact of participation in a youth mental health peer education programme Jeanne Forde Conference Presentations
Measuring the satisfaction of young people and their family and friends with youth mental health (headspace) services Debra Rickwood Conference Presentations
'MyAssessment': Development, clinical uses and outcomes, and approaches for future implementation Sally Bradford Conference Presentations
Opening the black-box of youth mental health care Paul van Der Heijden & Evelien Joosten Conference Presentations
Logging into therapy: A snapshot of the attitudes and intentions to use computer-based therapies of clinicians, adolescents, young adults and parents Caroline Donovan Conference Presentations