Title First Author Abstract or summary Type
Getting the balance right: Young people's role in balancing the opportunities and issues emerging technologies provide for youth mental health services Deepika Ratnaike Conference Presentations Cohort Study: A prospective follow-up study examining the role of online initiatives in promoting mental health literacy and early help-seeking Atari Metcalf Conference Presentations
An examination of cultural competence in youth mental healthcare providers: Perspectives of service users, treatment providers and family members Shruthi Venkataraman Conference Presentations
Homelessness in youth: The portrait of two urban Canadian initiatives from coast to coast Diane Aubin (presented by Steve Mathias with Amal Abdel Baki) Conference Presentations
Youth, policing and the Canadian criminal justice system Rick Shaw Conference Presentations
Organizational practices to support young employees with mental health challenges Tyson Herzog Conference Presentations
Help-seeking preferences and behaviours amongst young Australians: Results from a large nationally representative cross-sectional study Atari Metcalf Conference Presentations
Detection and early intervention to target social recovery in young people with early psychosis and At Risk Mental States who are NEET: the PRODIGY and SUPEREDEN3 trials David Fowler Conference Presentations
Not getting lost in translation: Turning psychosocial research into policy and practice Eoin Killackey Conference Presentations
Economic inactivity and youth mental health, an Irish longitudinal study Emmet Power Conference Presentations