Title First Author Abstract or summary Type
Impact evaluation for complex problems: Increasing speed, agility & effectiveness Gina Rembe Conference Presentations
Evaluating the efficacy of self-monitoring mobile apps in youth mental health: A randomised controlled trial Rachel Kenny Conference Presentations
Moderated online social therapy for depression relapse prevention: Outcomes from the Latitudes 12-week pilot study Mario Alvarez-Jimenez Conference Presentations
21st century mental health care: the role of online communities Atari Metcalf (presented by Deepika Ratnaike) Conference Presentations
Don't turn your back on the symptoms of psychosis: the results of a proof-of-principle, quasi-experimental intervention to reduce duration of untreated psychosis Charlotte Connor Conference Presentations
Understanding Synergy: how technology can ensure young people receive support when they need it most Jane Burns Conference Presentations
Health services and policy implications of staging models for high-risk states in youth mental health Jai Shah Conference Presentations
Using stakeholder-informed research to influence system change: Findings from a national multi-community initiative Joanna Henderson Conference Presentations
Promoting young people's musical identities to facilitate recovery Cherry Hense Conference Presentations
Family members' experiences and perspectives of relapse in first-episode psychosis Shalini Lal Conference Presentations