What happens when 700 young leaders meet to transform mental health?

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Introduction:What happens when 700 young leaders meet to transform mental health? We call it Jack Summit. Every year, students from every province and territory meet to develop new strategies to tackle the stigma surrounding mental illness, and create one powerful voice for youth mental health. Objectives of Jack Summit: Youth leaders are not only key stakeholders in the field of youth mental health, but are also the people best positioned to eliminate stigma in their communities. Jack Summit aims to inspire young Canadians to be leaders in mental health, and to connect change-makers from coast to coast to coast. It is also a unique opportunity to get direct input from the young people who are changing the way we think and talk about mental health. Methods:Over the course of two days, student leaders worked in teams to identify issues in their respective communities and develop new ways of engaging their peers. The delegates were asked to examine some of the problems that young Canadians currently face: What are the roots of stigma? What does it look like on an interpersonal level? In our communities? They then imagined a world without stigma; a world with safe and supportive communities. Implications: The delegates crafted the strategies that will make these changes a reality and build a national movement for mental health. When Jack Summit delegates and other young leaders join together as a network, their voices are amplified and they are able to have a larger cultural impact across the country. Conclusion:This poster will explore the key themes that emerged from the discussions at Jack Summit 2015. The synthesized findings will allow organizations to better support young leaders as they change the way Canada thinks and talks about mental health.

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Sarah Mughal
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IAYMH 2015
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October, 2015
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