Understanding Synergy: how technology can ensure young people receive support when they need it most

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Jane Burns

Synergy is an Australian, federal government-funded initiative to develop a technology solution to enable an e-mental health ecosystem of complementary Young and Well CRC products, quality certified apps and e-tools, aligned to a common set of standards, integrations, interfaces and technologies. It takes a holistic approach to mental health and wellbeing, with touch points across the mental health promotion and prevention intervention spectrum, from wellbeing, through to help-seeking and clinical care. The system is being built in a progressive (rather than ‘big bang’) manner, evolving as it is implemented across three trial sites.

This presentation will discuss the trial sites of Synergy, and how this initiative is designed to function in the mental health and wellbeing landscape.

Happiness Central is the first trial site for Synergy, and provides young people with the ability to connect with digital data captured through different apps and interactions with various services, and enables them to analyse and use this information to help manage their wellbeing. The system is available to students at the University of Sydney, made clearly visible on the MyUni (student admin) webpage enabling students to sign up to Happiness Central at any time. Happiness Central aims to put the young person in the drivers seat, giving them the support and tools to thrive at university.

This style of service design, which truly puts the young individual accessing the online resource in control, allows for mental health issues to be tackled privately and at their own pace. Synergy is an unprecedented platform, and enables young people to access, track and monitor their mental health using e-tools like never before.

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10th Oct 2015
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