Transitions: A mental health by stealth resource to help students navigate college & university life

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Transitions ( is a multi-platform resource that addresses issues such as Sexuality, Relationships, Financial Planning, Education & School work, Mental Health & Addictions and Suicide to name a few.In its second iteration, Transitions is currently making its away across post-secondary institutions across Canada, the United States and is now being sought after internationally with versions in French, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish & Portuguese. A Grade 12 preparatory version has also been put forward as a request, along with an Aboriginal & First Nations version which hopes to address the diverse communities in Canada and elsewhere. Through initial research and evidence from the first iteration, to the design, development and multi-platform delivery channels, including Mobile (as an App and an as eBook), Web (as an online publication), Print (as a full printed book and as a smaller pocket version of the same), along with marketing collateral that has included video adverts to stickers to postcards to t-shirts, Transitions is not just being implemented as a Program across institutions but is also being recognized and sought by Youth, Parents, Educators & Healthcare Professionals alike. In a recent study conducted with high school students and at Dalhousie University the following were findings that came across loud and clear: 87.8% found Transitions helpful64.6% found more prepared for college or university after reading Transitions72% found that their knowledge about mental health and mental illness improved since reading Transitions89.1% indicated that they would recommend Transitions to someone they knew84.2% was now comfortable having someone with mental illness in their class. 83% felt more comfortable seeking out for help for a mental health concern after reading Transitions85.3% felt they could suggest to someone they knew to get help after reading Transitions should they need it for a mental health concern. Transitions is clearly making an impact in the community it is designed to support and is making its way internationally in it various forms. As it continues to evolve with varying versions for the various demographics it is hoped that Transitions will be available to every youth making this transition at this critical juncture in their life.

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Stan Kutcher - Amy Mackay
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IAYMH 2015
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October, 2015
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