Putting technology into youth mental health practice: Current evidence

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More than ever before, life is mediated by technology, especially for those aged between 12 and 25 years. Be it at home, at school, or in public, young people are making use of new technologies to coordinate, create, and collaborate throughout their day. In this presentation a video piece exploring the views of young people and youth service providers will demonstrate that technology has an important role to play in youth mental health treatment. For many, it is already a part of the treatment being provided or how they seek support. Considering this anecdotal evidence, a systematic, comprehensive review of over 14,000 articles from the year 2000 to present was conducted to identify literature investigating how technology can be used as an adjunct to face-to-face youth mental health care. Despite the enthusiasm in the field, results indicated that while promising, the current academic evidence is very limited and of a poor methodological quality overall. To formally integrate technology into youth mental health services, there is a clear there is a need for the sector and the evidence base to evolve so to fill evidence gaps, inform clinical practice guidelines, and support the uptake of effective, engaging technologies to complement face-to-face care.

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Alice Montague
Conference Presented At: 
IAYMH 2015
Poster Date: 
October, 2015
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