As this is only now

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Emma Corlett

We are the Norfolk and Suffolk youth council for an NHS Mental Health Trust in the East of England. 16 of our invaluable members, aged between 16 and 24, will be in Montreal to tell you about the impact that participation has had on our lives, the difference that we have made and the ways that we have improved services.

Working with a local artist and a local poet we have prepared an audio, visual and spoken word presentation to tell our participation story, and we hope also challenge stigma.

"In some ways we need classification as it aides to more easily help those suffering with subjective ideation

but we want to end social castration, to make mental health less of a negative fixation

We want to build a foundation for those in trepidation and reverse the effects of stigma with intelligent education

We have chosen specifically the suffix -ation for this poem as an acronym for "as this is only now" meaning there can be change and each individual knows how

We all have the ability of negation, to stop hate and discrimination, but it relies on each person understanding the sensation of being hurt or pained because of their mental altercation

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10th Oct 2015
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