Minding the Gap: Improving outcomes for young people transitioning to adulthood in the London borough of Camden

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Adolescence is a critical developmental stage associated with neurodevelopmental changes, a move towards greater independence and a range of important life choices in education, relationships, career, housing and finances. These potential stressors can contribute to the development of mental health difficulties, and attendant negative social and economic consequences. During the transition into adulthood, young people can find it difficult to navigate the move from CAMH (child and adolescent mental health) services which have previously engaged and supported them, to an unfamiliar territory of adult services. In the course of this, some young people are not able to ‘mind the gap’ and fall out of services. There are good services in Camden for young people aged 16-24, but they are fragmented, not primarily centered on young people and tend not to reach out to difficult to engage young people. Minding the Gap was commissioned in the autumn of 2014 with and aimed to improve the outcomes for this group. Its objectives are: to improve the integration of mental health, physical health, youth support and social care services; to deliver client-friendly services; to improve early intervention and prevention; to decrease the number of clients who disengage, and to create a more straightforward access referral pathway. The two-fold approach involves firstly the age alignment of services within Camden, driven largely by a team of ‘Transition Champions’ and secondly, the development of an integrated community youth base in the heart of Camden to bring together mental health, substance misuse, sexual health, advice on employment, training and housing and other support services under one roof. Young people have been consulted and involved at every stage of design and implementation. In this poster, we describe the implementation and outcomes of the project thus far in more detail.

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Amit Bhaduri
Conference Presented At: 
IAYMH 2015
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October, 2015
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