iMATTER: Taking care of teen mental health

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Marisa Mariella

Educators agree that students who are mentally healthy learn better, have better relationships with teachers, family members and peers, and exhibit greater resiliency in meeting life's challenges. Ultimately, these students transition more smoothly from adolescence into adulthood because they are less likely to exhibit serious mental health problems and have a greater capacity to achieve long-term education and career goals. Yet, statistics are painting a disturbing picture. More teenagers and young adults die of suicide than from cancer, heart disease, AIDS, birth defects, stroke, pneumonia/influenza, and chronic lung disease, combined. Statistics also tell us that at least 90% of those who die by suicide have a diagnosable mental illness… an illness for which there is treatment and recovery.

iMATTER: Taking Care of Teen Mental Health is a student-led teacher-facilitated school-based intervention/prevention program that has been recognized locally, provincially, and nationally. Aimed at reducing stigma and breaking stereotypes associated with mental illness, this approach also promotes positive mental health including resiliency, hope, and help-seeking behaviour. Meet the CN Peer Mentors, National Champions of Mental Health 2012 and the BR Celtic Circle Leaders, recipients of the Daryl L. Cook Provincial Award and join the weMATTER: Mental Health Teen Leadership Movement. Experience firsthand what many educators have described as an essential component to creating a safe and accepting school. Equip yourself with the tools to build a suicide-safer community for your school. Get inspired to tackle teen mental health at your school with classroom activities and school-wide campaigns.

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9th Oct 2015
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