Eating disorders: My how they've changed!

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Howard Steiger

Eating Disorders (EDs) rank among the most frequent of mental-health problems seen in adolescents, and have marked potentials for chronicity, morbidity, and even mortality. Eating syndromes range as to the extent to which they affect people’s functioning, but are invariably life-damaging. There has been quite a revolution in ED treatment, with a shift away from coercive treatments (often delivered through inpatient hospital beds) to more autonomy supportive outpatient treatments that include family members, partners, peers, self-help groups, and web-based interventions. Although various effective treatments have been identified, getting access to informed early intervention remains difficult, so that most people affected by an ED do not receive evidence-informed care. This talk reviews the evidence that has transformed thinking on treatment, and that has guided the development of novel, more effective, and more engaging treatment strategies. It also presents ideas on how to foster the development of a community of care for people who are affected (directly or indirectly) by eating disorders.

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9th Oct 2015
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