IAYMH 2015

Title First Author Abstract or summary Type
Concurrent treatment for youth with mental health and addiction challenges: Presentation, outcomes, and lessons learned Rebeccah Marsh Conference Presentations
Eating disorders: My how they've changed! Howard Steiger Conference Presentations
Measuring the satisfaction of young people and their family and friends with youth mental health (headspace) services Debra Rickwood Conference Presentations
Evaluating the impact of participation in a youth mental health peer education programme Jeanne Forde Conference Presentations
Exploring the impact of a history of foster care on youth enrolled in an intensive case management program in Vancouver from 2007 to 2013 Chris Richardson Conference Presentations
An examination of cultural competence in youth mental healthcare providers: Perspectives of service users, treatment providers and family members Shruthi Venkataraman Conference Presentations
Homelessness in youth: The portrait of two urban Canadian initiatives from coast to coast Diane Aubin (presented by Steve Mathias with Amal Abdel Baki) Conference Presentations
Youth, policing and the Canadian criminal justice system Rick Shaw Conference Presentations
Organizational practices to support young employees with mental health challenges Tyson Herzog Conference Presentations
Help-seeking preferences and behaviours amongst young Australians: Results from a large nationally representative cross-sectional study Atari Metcalf Conference Presentations