IAYMH 2015

Title First Author Abstract or summary Type
What predicts transition in clinical stage among young people seeking help for mental health problems? Using clinical staging to better understand illness progression Rosemary Purcell Conference Presentations
Testing the multidimensional model of mental health in young people Leanne Hides Conference Presentations
A national research priorities and implementation framework for youth mental health research in Australia John Moran Conference Presentations
It's in the mashed potatoes: Promotion and prevention through meaningful youth engagement Ian Manion Conference Presentations
Is headspace making a difference? Evaluating youth mental health service innovation in the real world Debra Rickwood Conference Presentations
Stigma reduction through peer outreach and support Zachary Lang Conference Presentations
Using a creative design process with young people to develop an appropriate and accessible youth mental health service: A design brief from an early-lab field trip Timothy Clarke Conference Presentations
Economic inactivity and youth mental health, an Irish longitudinal study Emmet Power Conference Presentations
Person-centered approaches to informing youth mental health services in Ireland Nicholas Peiper Conference Presentations
Experiencing the process of clinical recovery from first-episode psychosis: What worked? Jone Bjornestad Conference Presentations